WLim UV Lamp replacements

WLim UV Lamp Replacements (Includes 2 lamps plus Free Shipping)


  • $130.00

Replacement lamps / bulbs for W Lim Ultraviolet (UV) sterilizers.

Replace the lamp every year or every 13 months of usage. The UV lamp may still be working after one year, yet it's intensity is working at a reduced level and will not perform as well.

Most lamps are sold in minimum quantities of two for savings. With additional savings - FREE Shipping

Wave UV (2" Body)

  • 25 Watt Lamp - Fits Wave 25 Watt units
  • 40 Watt Lamp - Fits Wave 40, 80, 120, and 160 Watt units
  • 58(A) Watt HO Lamp - Fits Wave 58 watt HO and Wave 116 watt HO units

Wave Power, Wave Power Plus, UVP-8

  • 36 Watt HO Lamp - Fits Wave Power UVS-05
  • 58(B) Watt HO Lamp - Fits Wave Power UVS-10
  • 86 Watt HO Lamp - Fits Wave Power UVS-20, Wave Power Plus UVS-20, and UVP-8 620 units.
  • 119 Watt HO Lamp - Fits Wave Power UVS-40, Wave Power Plus UVS-40, and UVP-8 640 units.

Amalgam Series UV (1-4 Lamp models)

  • 200 Watt Amalgam Lamp - Fits WLim Amalgam series UVs


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