True Pre-Filters

SkagiTek Inc.

  • $472.00
  • Save $-25

The True Pre-filter is available in two sizes to handle the job. With this Pre-filter, you are going to be pleasantly surprised at just how much it can hold and the quality of the units. In the True Pre-Filter, the water enters from above the basket enabling even more capacity over conventional designs that has the water enter from the side. Keep your flow rates up and your filters clogging less with a True Pre-filter in front of your pump.

Works as a great priming pot for pumps that are not self priming!

Filter Model Recommended Pond Size (Gallons)  Dimensions Price
True Pre-Filter SS1 Under 5000 10.5" x 14" $472.00
True Pre-Filter SS2 Over 5000 10.5" x 27" $622.00


Food for thought, if a 3 inch pipe holds 4 times the volume of a 2 inch pipe, then wonder just how much a 7.5 inch inside diameter Stainless Steel basket can hold over the other plastic baskets on the market that have 4.5 inches at the top with a 3 inch wide bottom.

There are more benefits to the True Pre-filter than just larger basket capacity and time saved, but they also trap much smaller debris than the plastic baskets. The True Pre-filter Stainless Steel basket holes are 5/64 inch small and round in shape as compared to the plastic baskets of other brands which are at least a square 1/8 inch or larger, thus permitting larger debris through and forcing you to backwash your filters more often. The canister body is high strength PVC and comes with 2 inch unions on each port. With the True Pre-filter, you'll be emptying the basket less often and customers report to us that they find the Stainless Steel basket easier to wash and clean out.

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