True Glass Bead Filters

SkagiTek Inc.

  • $1,245.00
  • Save $100

The True Glass Bead Filter has a unique design that safely polishes the water by trapping fines and solids down to 3 micron, thus outperforming bead filters or other brands of glass filters. This results in clearing your pond of crud floating through the water and polish it to look like mountain spring water. The only thing you'll see is the fish!

Filter Model Recommended Pond Size (Gallons) Multiport Location Dimensions Price
True Glass Bead Filter 24T Under 5000 Top-Mounted 24" Wide $1245.00
True Glass Bead Filter 24S Over 4000 Side-Mounted 24" Wide $1769.00


All True Glass Bead filters are currently $100 off! 

Unlike other glass filters that use unsafe crushed glass, our glass bead filters use hardened and truly round glass beads that are very safe to handle. So safe, we added them into our Koi pond months ago and have had no issues.

The True Glass Bead Filters offer a diverse means of installation unlike any other brand. There are ways you can you setup your True Glass Bead Filter:

  • As a stand-alone polishing filter with a dedicated low amp, low rpm pump (recommended)
  • Or in series after another pressurized bead filter to polish what the standard bead filter did not. (requires high amp, high rpm pump to force water through two filters)

The bodies used are all commercial grade and very sturdy.

The media used in our True Glass Bead Filters are a unique round glass bead with a hardness rating of 7, that is used in water purification filters for humans in over 40 countries. They are small enough to trap very fine particles, yet flow 20% better than sand. Simply monitor our high quality PSI gauge to determine the need to backwash the filter.

For comparison, other glass filters use a soft and sharp recycled crushed glass that further breaks down over time and gets into the return lines to possibly end up on the pond bottom. Very unsafe!

Pond water never looked so good!

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