True BiO Filters

SkagiTek Inc.

  • $625.00
  • Save $100

The True BiO filter has a unique design that is unlike regular biological combination filters filters that trap solids. Models 10,20 & 30, the water enters the filter, rises up the center pipe to feed the upper spray head to flow downward over all the cubed media prior to exiting. Pre-filtration is required for the True BiO Models 10, 20 or 30. The smaller model 5 and 7.5 include some internal pre-filter pads.

Filter Model Max Flow Rate (GPH) Biological Surface Area (Sq. Feet)  Dimensions Price
True BiO 5 2400 27,500 10.5" x 14" $625.00
True BiO 7.5 4000 60,000 10.5" x 27" $845.00
True BiO 10 4700 115,000 14.5" x 26.5" $885.96
True BiO 20 6400 155,000 14.5" x 32" $1095.96
True BiO 30 7500 186,000 14.5" x 35.5" $1285.96


All True BiO filters are currently $100 off and include a free container of Microbe-Lift PL Gel!

The 10, 20 & 30 models are designed to maximize on mainly biological when installed after a good pre-filter such as a bead filter or water polishing filter like our True Glass Bead Filter. The bodies used are all commercial grade and very sturdy.

The media used in our True BiO filters have a unique combination of Vast Surface Area and Open-Flow Porosity that make it the most unique and highest capacity bio-filter media available today. The ceramic composition is comparable to natural rock, but with incredible surface area of approximately 150,000 sq ft per cubic foot. The properties of the True BiO's media create a stable home for beneficial bacteria that remove ammonia and nitrites. Some systems will also see a decrease in Nitrates. Also, this media's open porosity resists clogging and reduces pond maintenance.

For comparison, some $3,000 bead filters have less than 4000 sq. ft. of surface area and even then, it is only a claim, it is not backed by testing like the media we use that was tested by a University. Take Advantage of True Bio filtration and install after a bead filter or other mechanical filter.

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