Smoked Salmon (6 oz)

Smoked Salmon (6 oz)


  • $24.00

SeaBears Copper River Sockeye Smoked Salmon (6 oz)

Enjoy your pond and enjoy a great snack too! Great for any occasion! 

Native coastal tribes first smoked salmon on an open fire over 1,000 years ago. Today, the signature smoked salmon from SeaBear is done in the traditional Northwest style, using premier hand-filleted wild Sockeye salmon.

Copper River Wild Sockeye Salmon has a rich, red color and moist robust flavor, and is known worldwide as one of the finest salmon available.

Each Copper River smoked salmon fillet is vacuum-sealed in our famous Gold Seal pouch, then gently cooked in its own juices - this preserves the salmon naturally, so no refrigeration is required until you're ready to serve.

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