Performance Bead Filters


  • $2,083.00

The WLim Performance Bead filter is simple to operate and maintain with its side mounted valve body and included air blower for back washing.

Floating beads do a better job of trapping smaller waste and debris resulting in the water looking polished. The combination of taking up very little space and its beautiful design makes this filter ideal. Choice from several sizes to accomplish biological and mechanical filtering of ponds from 2,500 to 10,000 gallons.

Filter Model Max Pond Size Suggested Flow Rate  Price
PBF - 36 5000 Gallons 3000 GPH $2,083.00
PBF - 48 8000 Gallons 3000-3900 GPH $2,383.00
PBF - 60 10,000 Gallons 3000-4500 GPH $2,683.00


Filter comes with side-mounted Multi-port Valve with 2" ports. Includes pressure gauge and a Blower Unit for back washing. Disconnect Unions on Valve Body and Waste line 2" ball valve. Small filter is 36" x 20", medium filter is 42" x 20", and large filter is 48" x 20".

Internal beads never need replacing. Perform simple weekly back washing to maintain the filter and pond that takes only a few minutes to accomplish with no mess. Setup is very simple and only requires connecting up the pump and ponds PVC connection along with a waste line.

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