Kenzen Koi Food, 50 pounds - Free Shipping

Young Again Pet Foods, LLC

  • $375.00

Each quantity is five 10 pound bags delivered to US Continental customers with Free Shipping!

Years of research from Young Again Pet Foods has produced the perfect blend of high quality ingredients that is Kenzen Koi Food.  The balance of energy to fuel metabolism and protein to optimize body growth is formulated to help Koi reach their maximum potential.

All Kenzen Koi Food:

  • NO fillers or corn 
  • Over 80% less fish waste
  • Highest quality ingredients - FDA approved
  • Optimize body and bone growth 
  • Year round feeding even in 38 degree water


Kenzen Primary Diet:
  • Comes in Floating or Sinking
  • 7mm Pellet - Perfect for medium to large koi
  • The only food you'll ever need to feed your koi!
    Kenzen Breeder's Choice
    • Only in Floating
    • 4mm Pellet - Perfect for small to medium koi
    • Provides high energy for young koi and bulks up larger koi


      Recent testing has validated the research that with the use of proper ingredients koi can be fed in very cold water. The makers of Kenzen Koi Food have demonstrated that Kenzen Koi Food can be fed in temperatures as low as 38 degrees Fahrenheit. DO NOT ATTEMPT feeding other brands of Koi foods at low temperatures. Kenzen Koi Food has micro-nutrients that feed the immune system, this helps the white blood cells and permits feeding and heeling even in low water temperatures.

      Finally a Koi food that is so good for them and easy to digest. Most importantly, they digest almost all of the food and pass on mostly fiber as waste. (SkagiTek has tested Kenzen Koi food and verified reduced waste by about 80% in our controlled indoor Koi tank.)

      The top 5 ingredients: Herring Meal - Potato Starch - Squid Meal - Whole Dried Egg - Garlic

      In the first month of feeding Kenzen Koi Food exclusively, koi keepers notice increased muscle mass and skin luster on their koi.

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