Emperor Aquatic Smart UVs

Smart UV Sterilizers

Emperor Aquatics

  • $383.25

Emperor Aquatic SmartUV Sterilizers

 UV Wattage Max Pond Size (Gallons) Max Flow Rate (GPH) Unit Size Price
25 2,360 788  29" x 3.5" $383.25
40 4,725 1,574 43.75" x 3.5" $416.85
65 8,565 2,855 70.5" x 3.5" $535.50
80 9,445 3,148 44.5" x 15.5" $847.15
130 17,130 5,711 71.5" x 15.5" $983.31

These high-quality ultraviolet sterilizers feature a watertight sealed design and can be used safely both indoors and outdoors. They are compact, making them an excellent choice for everything from small koi ponds to large recirculating systems. Units can be operated in any position and feature GPH/T5 lamps with 9,000 hours (375 days) of effective life.

These SMART UV units feature remote-style ballasts with 16’ power cords. Units are 115V/60 Hz and have a one-year warranty on ballasts, limited lifetime warranty on the housing and 90-day warranty on lamps. Note: Vessel mounting clamps are not included. Fluence (UV Dose) calculated using UVT factors of 90%T and UV lamps at the end of their useful lamp life (12,000-hours).

All ports are 1 1/2" Slip Union

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