Cetus Sieve Pond Pre-Filter

Cetus Sieve

Evolution Aqua

  • $1,195.00

The EA Cetus Sieve Filter is the best option available for those who insist on a great pre-filter.

The E.A. Cetus Sieve is a totally new, bow screen pre-filter, made using the latest rotational molding technology. We have installed and tested it and found it to be the best prefilter on the market today. Biological filters perform much better when a pre-filter is installed prior to them. The Cetus Sieve traps waste down to 300 micron by passing the water through a stainless steel micro screen.

The Cetus Sieve is available in two models. Gravity Fed or Pump Fed. The gravity fed inlet height uses a patented Pondflow regulation system that allows water levels within the pond to drop without causing the pump to be starved.

Cetus Sieve Features:

  • Max Flow: 4,750 GPH
  • Removable Micron Screen
  • Gravity Fed or Pump Fed Option
  • Gravity Fed: 4" Inlet, 1.5" Outlet, 3" Waste Outlet
  • Pump Fed: 1.5" Inlet, 4" or 3" Outlet, 3" Waste Outlet
  • Dimensions: 37.2" H x 22.4" W x 33.5" L

The pump fed version requires the Cetus Sieve to be placed above water level for the exit water to gravity flow back to the pond.

We feel this is a better solution for pre-filtering when compared to a vortex or other settling chamber because the Cetus separates the crud from the water. Install a Cetus Sieve and improve the water quality of your Koi pond.

The Cetus Sieve uses a unique stainless steel 300 micron screen design to separate waste from the water.

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