Bio Wave Plus Filter Series With Blower


  • $1,779.00

Bio Wave Plus filters are high quality, energy efficient and high performing filters. Utilizes a blower to benefit in back washing the floating media of all the waste and crud trapped while leaving the beneficial bacteria in tact. A great heavy duty hybrid between biological and mechanical filtration.

Filter Model Recommended Pond Size Max Flow Rate Price
BWP 36 6,000 Gallons 6,000 GPH $1,779.00
BWP 48 8,500 Gallons 6,500 GPH $2,125.00
BWP 60 10,000 Gallons 7,800 GPH $2,269.00



  • 2 HP Blower included on all models
  • 2" Side mounted multi-port
  • Sludge drain knife valve and unions on multiport
  • Sinking Bio Wave media

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