AquaBead Filters

GC Tek

  • $2,069.95

This is the filter that revolutionized the bead filter world. Meet the AquaBead Filter. The Industry standard for Bead Filter. All AquaBead filters also include a 1.5 hp blower.

Filter Model Max Pond Size (Gallons)  Max Flow Rate (GPM) Max Fish Load (Lbs)
AquaBead 2.5 5000 70 125
AquaBead 4.25 10000 90 225
AquaBead 6.0 17000 120 300
AquaBead 10.0 25000 180 450


(Filter model number represents how many cubic feet of media the filter contains)

All of the AquaBead filters utilize the Omnifuser design that picks up heavier solids in the center of the bottom of the vessel. Why do we want to do this? Our goal is to have a filter that doesn't load up with solids. When a filter "loads up" it ceases to perform at its peak. Our goal then is to pick up the heavier solids in the center where debris exists. Priced right with FREE SHIPPING!

Filter Model  Dimensions Price
AquaBead 2.5 21" x 34.5" $2069.95
AquaBead 4.25 24" x 35.5" $2249.95
AquaBead 6.0 30" x 40" $2654.95
AquaBead 10.0 36" x 45" $3505.50


Free Shipping applies to US Continental States only. Not valid for HI, AK, ect. 

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