Debride Medicated RX Koi Food ((SOLD OUT))

Koi Care Kennel

  • $48.00

Debride has improved the formula by adding vitamin additives and milling the triple antibiotic into the food. Resulting in a sinking food. ~ Shelf life - Up to 3 years. (( SOLD OUT )) FDA forced manufacturer to stop manufacturing Debride Rx forever.

Debride RX Medicated Koi Food - Feed your Koi fish Debride medicated Koi food 14 to 30 days! If you are not comfortable injecting your fish or can not locate antibiotics, or simply can not catch your fish, then Debride RX can help. Now you can give that ulcer problem the 1 – 2 punch! Contains Oxytetracycline, Erythromycin, and Oxiclince Acid antibiotics. Now with Bifuran added!


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