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Are you afraid to add chemicals to your pond? Biological companies research beneficial bacteria and have biologist that help develop some truly amazing products just to benefit our ponds. Our experience has been very positive by using the ones listed in this article.


We do rely on our filtration system to provide us with water quality, yet most pond keepers may not know the benefit of adding some very important water treatments to really benefit starting up the biological and or cleaning up crud in the pond. Its also very beneficial to continue to add some as a maintenance program throughout the warmer months. In doing so, we reduce possible sludge buildup and benefit water quality and our filtration system to perform to its best potential.

Clean water healthy pond creates bubbles, not foam

We want bubbles, not foam!

Notice that there is no foam and just bubbles on the water surface in the image above. The waterfall is only creating aerated bubbles and a very small amount which is a visual sign of pretty clean water. If lots of foam is created and accumulating around your waterfall floating away and covering your pond, this is called Dissolved Organic Compounds (DOC). DOC is the organics built up in your pond. The organic matter in the water is attaching themselves to the bubbles and thus showing up as foam and floating on the surface. The more foam you have, the more organics that need to be cleaned out of your pond.

The organics are caused by many possibilities. As pond keepers, we all have different possibilities as to how they are in our water whether it is potted plants, leaves, debris, wind, dirt, fish waste or Koi food. Use of the Microbe-Lift chemicals SA and PL can really help remove DOC’s.

Adding the following products have been proven to really benefit the ponds ecosystem in more ways they just removing or reducing DOC’s. The Microbe-lift company makes many products and we have tested three of them that we feel all pond owners should use. They are the following; Microbe-lift SA ,  Microbe-lift PL. and NITE OUT II.

Microbe-lift SA PL and Microbe lift Nite-Out II for ponds

Microbe-lift SA

MICROBE-LIFT/Sludge-Away is formulated specifically for the removal of organic bottom solids that are slow to degrade and works faster at warm water temperatures, however, it may be used effectively at any temperature year-round

It speeds the biological removal of slow-to-degrade organic waste matter from aquatic pond bottoms that may become toxic to fish and plant life. As organic solids accumulate on the pond bottom, they begin to break down releasing toxic gasses to the surrounding environment. These gaseous by-products endanger fish, marine life and plants.

  • Provides "rapid and natural sludge and muck removal"
  • 80% faster than competitive products
  • Binds phosphate
  • Organic and microbial based
  • Safe for fish, plants, pets and the environment
  • Helps improve pond clarity
  • 100% active ingredients
  • Disperses quickly

Microbe-lift PL

MICROBE-LIFT/PL is specially Formulated for Decorative Fish and Koi Ponds, Lagoons & Water Features

  • Creates a cleaner environment for your pond, promoting faster fish growth
  • Reduces ammonia nitrogen levels
  • Dissolves away organic sludge
  • Seeds and maintains biological filters
  • Significantly reduces noxious odors caused by dead algae, fish fecal matter, and urine
  • Reduces hydrogen sulfide, which creates strong, offensive odors
  • Reduces biological oxygen demand (B.O.D.)
  • Reduces buildup of bird droppings, fish feed and dead leaves
  • Breaks down dead algae
  • Improves dissolved oxygen levels
  • Contains photosynthetic bacteria which reduces cloudy water by promoting flocculation and settling of organic and inorganic particles
  • Effective over a wide range of pH conditions

Continued biological activity even in water temperatures under 55°F. (12°C.)



MICROBE-LIFT/Nite-Out II is designed specifically for pond waters that contain marine life. Its highly-specialized microbial consortium of nitrifying cultures are specially formulated to eliminate ammonia via a natural biological process termed nitrification.  The cultures contained will establish, promote or stabilize and maintain nitrification in pond waters, eliminating the toxic effect of ammonia. Nite-Out II liquid nitrifying bacteria contains select strains of Nitrosomonas, Nitrospira and Nitrobacter.  Nitrosomonas convert ammonia to nitrite and Nitrobacter and Nitrospira convert nitrite to nitrate. All important for your filtration system and for boosting it with newer strains each year because as beneficial bacteria grow, they become weaker as they replicate.


  • Initiates nitrification - for starting up new ponds filters once Ammonia is present in the water
  • Promotes stable nitrification
  • Provides stable cold weather nitrification
  • Safe for use around plants and animals
  • recharge filter media after cleaning
  • Excellent product to have on hand and ready for Ammonia spikes


Always offering " Clear Solutions to your pond! "


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