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Replacement of the UV Lamp

Each manufacturer specifies the approximate length of time to replace the UV lamp. This is based on the lamp type and using the UV lamp 24 hours a day, seven days a week (24/7). Once this time limit has been reached, the lamp will still glow or light up. It still needs to be replaced because it is too weak to perform at optimum levels. Almost all UV manufacturers recommend replacing the lamp(s) at 9,000 hours or at about 13 months because they will have reached the 60% efficiency level.

Pond UV light, W Lim UV, replacement lamp

There is one company that has had their UV Lamps third party tested to last much longer. This company is the W. Lim Corp. W. Lim UV lamps are privately made to his specifications and use more mercury that perform stronger and lasts longer. This extra power benefits not needing to  replace the lamp until about 18 months of usage 24/7. We offer great deals of replacement lamps here at KoiPondUV - Click for Emperor Aquatic lamps - Click for AQUA lamps - Click for W Lim lamps

We agree, none of us like Mr. Green Algae!

The Benefits of Using an Ultraviolet (UV) Light

UV lights are a common alternative to using chemicals to disinfect and rid your pond water of green algae. Saving you time and money in the long run and keeping it simple. Killing Algae with a UV is safe, not harmful to the fish or Eco system and consistently maintains water clarity year round. The common problem with algicides is in using too much and killing of the fish.

How a UV Light works

Only the water that passes through the UV chamber will be treated. Inside the chamber is a quartz sleeve that contains and protects a UV lamp from shorting out because of the power cord connected to the UV lamp. When water passes over the quartz sleeve, the UV light transmits a specific light spectrum that damages the Algae and possible protozoan's within the water. Protozoan sterilization requires a slower water flow rate then Algae. If the Algae receives enough damage from the UV light, it fails to be able to reproduce or live. Dead algae may be trapped in filters and/or consumed by beneficial bacteria. The key to successfully killing either Algae or Protozoan's is flow rates.

Koi Pond UV Light Anatomy


Parameters influencing the effect of UV

The UV dose is a combination of both the power of the lamp and the amount of time the water is exposed to the UV light or dwell time. The lamp power is measured by the intensity of the UV (mW/cm2 ) and depends on what the initial intensity of the UV is, as well as the intensity measured at a certain distance from the UV Lamp. The further away from the lamp, the weaker or lesser is the intensity is.

The most important measurement of UV intensity though, is based on the water quality of your pond. The water quality is affected by the level of compound in your water that can absorb the UV. Determining what your exposure time should be for your pond, is dependent on how much water you have in your pond and the speed in which it passes through your UV. To calculate your UV dose take the sum of your UV intensity and multiply it by results of your exposure time. OR Review the manufacturer's specifications and flow rates for different models. Be sure that the total volume of your pond can pass through the UV in a 3 to 4 hour time period. (Total Pond Gallons divided by 4 = MAX flow rate through UV)


Example: 5,000 gallon pond requires 1250 gallon per hour flow rate to get all 5,000 gallons through the UV in 4 hours.

(Hot climates or shallow ponds in full sun should consider passing the total pond volume through the UV in 3 hours time. (Total Pond Gallons divided by 3 = MAX flow rate through UV)


<< UV Lamp Light Warning! >>

IMPORTANT: DO NOT LOOK DIRECTLY AT A UV LAMP WHEN IT IS ON! It can be harmful to your eyes....


To learn even more about U.V. Lamps and usage of a UV light, visit http://koiponduv.com/knowledge.php

To purchase UV lamps, visit http://koiponduv.com/uv_lamps_emperor-aquatic.php and pick your brand to change the list of UV models. Be sure to keep a backup, when it gets green, your pond is much less enjoyable. Not to mention it benefits diagnosing problems when the light fails to light up. Installing a new lamp may lead you to see if the unit is getting power or other areas to review in solving a problem.

Koi Pond UV Mr Green Algae

Hope this helps bring clear solutions for your pond,

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