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Current research into the types of natural ingredients that Koi fish require, encouraged the final development of the most ideal food for our Koi. It resulted in a well balanced and nutritionally complete diet, made from all natural FDA approved ingredients that are highly digestible for your fish.

This food became so popular because it became the first food that permitted pond keepers to be able to feed Koi all throughout winter and was found to enable safely feeding them, even when the water temperature reached 38°F. The research proved that Koi need to keep their strength up during winter by feeding. Even though they required less food, what they did consume needed to be highly soluble. This and many other factors brought about the Koi food known today as Kenzen Primary Diet.


Kenzen Koi food meets all the requirements that Koi need in their diet, plus it contains an exclusive blend of Bioceuticals which is also all natural. This health boosting benefit permits the Koi to intake more vitamins and other nutrition from the food itself and thus permits feeding them less amount, if your goal is simply to maintain them and not boost the growth. Feeding additional times each day will promote better growth over time.

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The worst enemy you can have in your pond is fish waste. Bad bacteria thrive on fish waste and bring about pollution, pour water quality and the serious potential threat to harm the Koi fish. When feeding only Kenzen Koi food, it was found to be over 80% less fish waste than other leading brands. (See Research & Testing Below) This is possible because Kenzen does not contain any fillers. Food manufactures put in fillers to increase profitability and this results in consumers getting less value, less amounts of real nutritional food per pound and thus creating excessive amounts of fish waste. The fillers pass through teaming with the potential to pollute and breed harmful bacteria. Kenzen Koi food pass on only fibers as the waste from the fish meals and some of the other natural ingredients.

Kenzen has become a well trusted food that many have found to benefit their Koi in many other ways. After feeding for several weeks, the white scales on your fish will become their brightest because it does not contain corn or hidden corn. Some manufacturers ingredients will list the term Dried Bakery Product. Which is defined by AAFCO (Association of American Feed Control Officials); “a mixture of bread, cookies, cake, crackers, flour and dough that has been separated from non-edible material, artificially dried and ground.” The flour is likely corn that has yellow which leaches out to discolor our Koi’s white scales. Any corn flour without the name corn would get past us consumers reading the label so we would feel comfortable to buy it. If you're feeding Saki Hakari to your Koi, read the ingredients. Some brands even still list MSG (monosodium glutamate) on the ingredients.  

If your Koi have a well rounded or fatty looking girth, consider feeding them exclusively Kenzen. Testimony from Koi owners reported that the Koi girth did decrease over the following months proving that this is a better diet which is lacking fillers, non digestible products or ingredients that they can’t assimilate. They also stated that in three months time that the Koi looked much more natural in shape and had more energy. Some have also mentioned that they had a fish that was no longer growing to start growing again once they begin feeding on just Kenzen.

Overall Kenzen is modeled after a natural nutritional profile with no fillers, it’s loaded with highly digestible and safe that permits them to assimilate well over 80% of the ingredients. Kenzen is the perfect balance of energy to fuel metabolism and protein to optimize growth and optimize their beauty.

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Research & Testing

Like many pet owners, we often wonder about marketing claims. So we asked questions about some of the testing that was done to benefit the end result. Turns out they actually purchased many high end brands of Koi food and tested them alongside in similar conditions. They used glass aquariums for housing the Koi to monitor fish waste, Koi color and luster. This benefits many aspects in viewing fish and how fatty Koi may become on some brands. After several years research and engineering Kenzens final formula, they released it to the market. We then set out to do our own in house testing. Below are some of our observations on our 800 gallon indoor tank with nine Koi ranging from 12 to 24 inches.

Waste - Bottom drain flows through a 300 micron screen to trap. We were in disbelief when we went from 2 to 3 tablespoons of waste every other day to almost nothing after switching to Kenzen food. It took two weeks to see 2 to 3 tablespoons of waste.

Color - No color fade at all and some improvement, yet most noticeably was the whites were much more white.

Hunger - We all know that Koi want to eat and they often swim right over to greet us, but to see them even more interested to the point of nipping at the water even when we had not even fed them yet. They instantly consumed the food with no hesitation. In our outdoor pond, this was a nice improvement to see because often they nip some of the other brand then wait for us to leave.

Water quality - Less waste is very important in Koi ponds because bad bacteria thrive on fish waste. Knowing now that the quality of the water the fish swim in is safer means a lot to us because we invest so much into our fish and equipment. The last thing we want is to see an ill fish or worse. Its often said, maintain the water quality and let the fish take care of themselves. With Kenzen, we’re doing both! We did not experience any problems with our fish while feeding Kenzen for well over 4 years.

Here is the U.S., there are several Koi farms that breed and raise Koi that have done their own testing of Kenzen on a much grander level. Todate, they have published the great results and its ability to outperform other high end brands. They found it to be superior in many areas worth continuing to use it on their Koi. The smaller pellet that Kenzen makes is called Breeders Choice. The Koi breeders that tested Kenzen use this to optimise their young Koi to grow and look their best because they want consumers to want their fish over other farms.  

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